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So That Happened, Jon Cryer

I mainly… no scratch that… I picked this book up because I wanted to read about what Jon had to say bout his time working on Pretty in Pink and his relationship with Charlie Sheen on their TV show Two and a Half Men. I’m a huge fan of the genius John Hughes, so anything on that guy I like to read about. Jon seems like the kind of guy you may or may not want to hang out with, but is affable, dependable, and would ride shotgun. He discussed how he and Molly Ringwald just didn’t have flow. Trying to befriend Andrew McCarthy was so tough that he adopted a low-boil dislike toward him. Jon did improvise on PIP such as when he stated, “His name is Blane? That’s not a name; it’s a major appliance” joke. Also, when Sheen left THM Hugh Grant initially accepted the job as his replacement. His words, “I ended up living a game where I got to experience all of it- this despite the fact that I was such a dork to begin with.” Self-deprecating. Good quality in an actor.

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