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Sticky Fingers, Joe Hagan

Biography on Jann Wenner and the history of Rolling Stone magazine from its inception up to today. This blew my respect for Wenner and the magazine. Wenner is an innovator, but also came across as quite the jerk. He backstabbed people left and right.. most specifically John Lennon, Paul McCartney and anyone else who dared messed with vision and goal to make money and have Rolling Stone become more successful. He took in stride as part of what you needed to be in order to make a magazine successful. I disagree. Those with no honor or code of ethics are just plain assholes. Wenner was intent on influencing the story at every turn, spinning away negative stories and highlighting his deeds with bravado. Wenner had a chip on his shoulder and used it to hurt people – bad reviews, slighting, anything and everything. The author too seems to struggle to corral all the stories and characters, plots, themes…. He’s like stream of consciousness aka Jack Kerouac, expect not nearly as well done. It’s his first book… and it shows. Still, the stories are interesting as hell. The book is a long one… 500 pages too long.

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