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Mobituaries, Mo Rocca

Mo talks about life and death and those that maybe got the raw end of the deal… that should be known by the general public, but aren’t. People who made life worth living for the rest of us. Makes us to think about who gets remembered, and why. He’s a good storyteller, with humor where appropriate and seriousness when needed. I like books like this that are multi-page blurbs into the life of others. You get the meat of their story without all the fluff. Great story on Billy Carter, Jimmy Carter’s brother, Audrey Hepburn, Sammy Davis Jr, the death of medieval science and just how hardcore it was back then in the medicine/healthcare world. My favorite was the story on Thomas Paine – a first-tier founding father, an intellectual engine that powered the American Revolution.. though didn’t sign the Declaration of Independence… the reasons why, and his whole life story is fascinating! A man way ahead of his time in theory, action… who definitely spoke and wrote what he felt, the rest of society be damned.

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