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From The Corner of the Oval, Beck Dorey-Stein

A great book that gives an insightful look of what working in the White House is really like, traveling with a President (Obama), and the day-to-day. She admits, and rightfully so, that her job was truly special, a one of the kind that she actually got through a job posting on Craigslist. Her honesty is refreshing. The team were professional stalkers, a congregation of believers who followed the President around the world. The goal of traveling with the President was essentially to do your job and to stay out of his way. But it also showed what a true President does… his team would be sitting backstage or in an air-conditioning room having drinks and snacks while Obama was on for 15 hours straight- shaking hands with heads of state, delivering remarks, answering questions that could easily have lead to bad press or an international incident if he wasn’t careful.

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