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Turn Around Bright Eyes, Rob Sheffield

I enjoyed 'Love is a Mix Tape', so thought I’d read his other book. This one’s not as good, but it’s a worthy quick read, with some chapters receiving more attention than others… how he met his new wife; the enigma that is Rod Stewart; The Beatles “She Loves You”- how in different years of your life, the song changes in meaning; John & Paul losing their mother’s at an early age and how that affected them deeply… the breaking up of the band and starting new bands where they made records with their wives. No other rock stars ever made such a big deal about loving their wives; how the Beatles music will change all through your life like your personality; Bowie being the ultimate Karaoke-friendly rockstar… understood how being a music fan means dreaming of being somebody else. Nostalgia - can make you smile or cry, this is emotional content in a good way.

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