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The Wild Truth, Carine McCandless

This book dives deeper into the relationship between Carine and Chris and their parents. It’s an appropriate epilogue to the wildly successful book (and one of my favorites) Into The Wild. Carine shares letters Chris wrote to her, the general insanity of being in a home where the façade of a loving and perfect home was just the opposite. To me, the most telling is how Carine has so much difficulty in her own love life as she’s gotten older. That alone can tell you how disjointed her and Chris’s childhood was. The sadness Carine had/has, and in the end, makes an emotional final break with her parents to severe their relationship. She went beyond what I would have done to mend ties, but forgiveness can only be taken so far. Family- the ones that are suppose to be there for you, nurture you, protect you, are usually the ones that end up screwing you the most, damaging in deep, grand canyon ways.

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