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Iceman: My Fighting Life, Chuck Liddell

This was my one trash summer beach novel. The writing is bad, the story is forgettable, and you’re not going to learn anything from it. That said, I read this book because Liddell was a terrific fighter in the MMA, and I love the MMA. This book tells his life story, goes through each fight up to his loss to Jardine in Sep 2007. As the UFC grew from a small-time, outlawed sport into the greatest sport there is today, he was a factor in making this happen. The fighters are in insane shape, most are respectable classy individuals, and it brings me back to my 25 year history of martial arts. This book was written before Chuck retired, (he should have retired in the end of ’06 afte the TKO of Ortiz) before his once rock-hard chin became a glass jaw that would essentially put an end to his career. If you like MMA, I suggest it. If you want to grow as a person, and learn something about yourself, I’d skip it.

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