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Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, Lori Gottlieb

Along with her own visits to a therapist to get over ‘Boyfriend’, Lori Gottlieb (herself a therapist) writes about a few of her patients she’s had in treatment. Most impactful was the story on ‘Julie’, who was dying from cancer. Lori does a great job describing how she dealt with her arising death, all the things she said she’d miss, and Julie’s attitude knowing the fact that she will die… it was inevitable. Devastating. The chapters on her makes you reflect and appreciate the little, mundane things in life. This is why I meditate… to appreciate just those things. The book reestablishes the fact that every action, every memory is a gift. It’s all deeply personal yet common… the human condition in all it’s glory, guts, craziness. We explore patients’ lives, get into their psyche, learn what they go through, and what, in the end, we all go through… the questions we struggle with, the answers we are seeking.

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