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All These Wonders, Edited by C. Burns

Terrific short stories from storytellers.

Eye-opening and profound. A book you read and grow from as a person… these are my favorite types of books. Hector Black on forgiveness of his daughter’s murderer; Amy Blancolli on the suicide of her husband and the aftermath re: their wedding rings; Jessi Klein’s experiences as a writer on SNL.. “SNL taught me you can’t be afraid to put something out into the world that’s yours, something’s that totally different and that you believe in.” Amen.; Hasan Minhaj’s heartbreaking story of his prom night and the lesson of being brave in life; Peter Pringle’s story of being wrongly convicted and on death row. He got out…. and out in nature…”Oblivious of the hatred and the anger and the injustice and the wars, the depredation and the hunger and everything that goes on. Just simply being in nature. And I put my arms around that tree, and I wept.” ; T. Reich’s story as a young boy in a concentration camp; Josh Bond’s story on how he helped capture James Bulger (an FBI’s most wanted); S. James’ story of growing up in foster care; A. Sandstrom…”This is what I know. In the deepest, blackest might of despair, if you can get just one pinhole of light…all of grace rushes in”; Taylor Negron’s story on CA gothic…had a good point. “No matter how horrible your day is, and no matter how scary the night is, everything can change on a dime. When there’s a knock on the door. And music, and joy, arrive.” That’s how I try… emphasize ‘try’, and live my life.

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