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The White Album, Joan Didion

One of her books in collection of writings

from the 1960s and 70s. My favorite stories were those on her time with the Doors “erotic politicians” while they were in the studio recording; the Getty Museum from 77’ – “the Getty advises us that not much changes… that we are never any better than we are and will never be any better than we were…and odd monument, a palable contract between the very rich and the people who distrust them least.”; the women’s movement at the time in early 70’s that she suspected was “no longer a cause but a symptom”; her piece on Georgia O’Keefe (my favorite from her) being neither crusty nor eccentric… she was hard, a straight shooter, a woman clean of received wisdom and open to what she sees. Her style is character. Also, her days in the Hawaiin islands; Hollywood in the early 70’s; on the road during her book and media tour, her time at Berkely in the 50s; and living and observations of Malibu. Keenly aware undeniably with her surroundings and a vanguard in literature.

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