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Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer

Have read some duds the past few

weeks not worthy of posting, so needed to get back on track… picked one from my own personal library and a favorite. I only allow 6 book shelves full (usually give them away as gifts), but this one is a keeper. Just reread it for the 4th time. Jon is a writer and adventurist as well, so he speaks the language. We can all relate to the subject of this non-fiction work, Christopher McCandless. Least I did. Chris lived close to where I grew up, so of course I felt that ‘bond by distance’ thing. He lived honestly, gave away his earthly possessions, and decided to go on a vision quest, a life of adventure…and unfortunately paid for it with his life in a dilapidated school bus in the backcountry of Alaska. This book is a MUST for everyone. It’s hard not to find a little bit of Chris in each and every one of us.

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