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Wild By Nature, Sarah Marquis

I was put off almost immediately - in the first few pages she describes Mongolia is an unsafe country where “my safety would be threatened just about every day.” She is critical of a country I have been fortunate to go to, where I found most to be warm and generous. She discusses moving tent several times during a night due to the winds. Myself - you find the right spot safe from winds and commit, otherwise you’ll never get much needed sleep. She also mentioned Mongolians dista

in for foreigners. Again, something I did not find to be true. She mentioned on her travels that local men and women did not like her… oh, I wonder why? She came across as arrogant and not abiding to the customs of the land she was in. In Mandal-Oovo she describes having “my superhuman efforts”. I agree with her description of humans being “sick, overweight, we overcome, we kill more, we pollute more.” Overall, she’s not inspiring…. More a “what to not do when exploring” kind of a book.

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