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The Dark Corners of the Night, Meg Gardiner

The third in her UNSUB series, Hendrix and her FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit cohorts are sent deep into the underbelly of LA to catch a serial killer known as the Midnight Man. He sneaks into homes after dark, kills the parents, and leaves cryptic messages to the children to tell the world… his audience. As can be expected, twists and turns take it to another level. Meg once again makes the professionals professional, not some bumbling idiots who deservedly so cannot bring down the killer. She introduces a character from her other series, Jo Beckett, who is a forensic psychiatrist in San Fran, to help Hendrix in the case as the killer begins murdering more quickly, and with a wider ‘hunting ground’. He claimed he was beyond good and evil. A psychopath who does not feel remorse or compassion. I was more interested in the information regarding the technical behavior analysis introduced, which was extensive, and deservingly so. The original Ghost who surrounds the entire series makes an appearance, (sort of), and we leave with the killer (you’ll have to read the book) and the crescendo to a magnificent showdown with Hendrix and the Ghost for the next book. Aficionados of Meg’s work wouldn’t have it any other way.


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