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Rock Concert, Marc Myers

Through interviews with those who were there… How rock flowered and influenced American culture over the decades- from small and dynamic in the 50s to massive and meaningful by the early 80s. Experiencing live, the rock concert allowed us to hear those musicians we listened to and only knew from album covers and bedroom turntables. He covers it all – Beatlemania; Dylan going electric; The Beach Boys Live; Monterey pop festival, Miami Pop festival; Newport the Woodstock experience; Altamont mayhem; fashion; development of the sound systems; crowd interaction; media; branding; lightening of the performers; roadies; 70s communal -type bands; outdoor arenas; big concerts through the decades; the rise of MTV and its effects on the artists themselves; and ends with Live Aid – the end of innocence – the last pure rock concert, and not gouging the ticket prices were calculating how to monetize the public wasn’t even thought about. Hard rock bands with songs about the emotional hardships of suburban and exurban life and their connection with teens… There is no rock subject untouched.


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