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Brat: an 80’s story, Andrew McCarthy

Like many of us GenX generation I was first introduced to Andrew through movies… St. Elmo’s Fire, Pretty in Pink, Heaven Help Us, etc.I never thought much of him because I thought he was a bit ‘whimpy’, and I didn’t respond to his characters. It wasn’t until he began travel writing that I found a new appreciation for the man and his work through the written word. If you want to relive the 80s and what it was like for a Brat Pack (hence the title) member to live and work, this is for you. Andrew is a good writer and he wrote this book knowing that the work he did as a young man will forever burn bright with many of his generation. And not just the work… maybe now, more importantly, it is the memory of the work that’s so valuable to all of us. Because the memory of those movies exists as a youth touchstone, of when life was all ahead, when the future was a blank slate, when anything was possible. Thank you Andrew for helping me relive a bit of my youth.


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