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Beginners, Tom Vanderbilt

. It’s a book about beginning again… to learn, and keep learning. It’s not a how to do book as much as a why to do book. It’s less about making you better at something than making you feel better as you try to lean. It’s about doing small acts of reinvention, at any age, that can in turn enhance your life. Through learning new things you may learn more about the most important thing in your life – you. A man approaching 50, perhaps a midlife crisis, or a desire to change it up, Tom takes us on his journey on how to learn new skills such as sing, juggle, paint, etc. And then backs up the importance of learning new things and how it affects the brain. Advantages of being a perpetual beginner---you’re putting your brain through a variety of workouts. Each time you begin to learn a new skill you’re reshaping your brain, and therefore it becomes more efficient. Learning new skills also changes the way you think, or the way you see the world. The world gets bigger because you did.


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