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Acid for the Children, Flea

I was expecting a memoir of Flea’s life up to today… most curiously, what his life was like in the Red hot Chili Peppers. But, I didn’t get that… the book covers up till RHCP was formed. Another surprise was how well this guy can write and how well read he is. Books parented him, gave him a sense of what it was to be a descent person, without any of the usual hypocritical rhetoric. As books do, they fired up his imagination and opened him up as a person. How he had to learn faith, honesty, and forthrightness to survive an eclectic childhood and teenage years. How books saved him from being a junkie, crucial to his sense of self was the sanity, moral guidance, and intellectual stimulation from a well-crafted book. His teenage years with Anthony Kiedis are insane to say the least… surprised he didn’t die many a time, as he is himself.

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