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Inside Out, Demi Moore

Nothing worthy but a summer read for the beach. Okay, I have no excuses… I don’t like to sit around at the beach and read, and it’s not summer. However, growing up I was a big fan of the movies ‘About Last Night’ and ‘Ghost’, so I thought, what the hell, take 3 hours out of my day and see what the hell Demi has been up to her whole life. The book is not long (about 250 pages), and she moves quickly - from a very difficult childhood full of trauma dealing with her insane mother Ginny, rise to fame, and various battles with addiction to adult pretty much full of the same stuff. It’s amazing she is still alive. She lets it all hang out, exactly how she’s feeling, doesn’t sugarcoat it, and let’s the reader decide –take it or leave it, this is me. And I respect that. Just really hits home the point that how you’re raised as a child (no love, no discipline, no guidance) in the end, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, how big your house is, even having a private plane (which she and her 2nd husband Bruce Willis did), you can still end up screwed up mentally. That’s why I spend so much time meditating, reading, exercising… working on my mental game cause we never master it, it’s always a work in progress. Demi is a survivor no doubt.

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