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The Spy Who Couldn’t Spell, Y. Bhattacharjee

This story solidifies how easily it is for government officials, who’ve got the security clearance, can get their hands on classified intelligence that could be a serious detriment to the security of the U.S. This happened in early 2000s… a citizen who became a traitor. Why? He needed money, that’s it. The deadliest of the 7 sins… greed. He had a good job, just him and his family couldn’t control their spending habits. He created an intricate espionage scheme and complex system of coded messages that he learned through researching past spies in history by way of the government’s Intelink system. Thankfully he was caught before damage was done, and the story of his coded messages and how he thought of them was intriguing. I have several friends that work for DIA, FBI, etc. and it’s amazing from their stories how many people they stop that you just don’t hear about. Every American should be thankful for those who are on the front lines of defending our security.

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