I’ve always been an avid reader… especially when I began going on long expeditions and needed to keep preoccupied during storm days, rest days, loss of sanity days. One of my favorite things to do, still, is going to the library and check out a book. It’s like Christmas morning, especially if I’m fortunate to be the first to read a brand-new book they’ve just acquired.


The reason I’ve decided to start posting books I read is a selfish one.  If this gets one person to put down their smartphone, turn off their laptop or TV, and sit for an undisturbed period of time to enjoy a good book, then it’s worth it. The benefits are abundant.


Most books I read have been suggested to me by other readers, admirers, or in magazine reviews. Not every book I read I like… though a majority of those won’t be posted because I just can’t finish them… too boring and won't hold my attention.


Get outside, sit under a tree or pop in a tent, and read.


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Be Invisible!, Vince Papale

Another book from the collection. The subject of a great movie, ‘Invincible’, Vince is an inspiration for Phili in the way Rudy is an inspiration for Notre Dame. Vince provides a playbook for reaching your full potential, as well as has guest contributors who write their own ‘Invincible Moments’ (Disclosure: I am a guest contributor for the book). In addition to the advice there are wisdom quotes from some well-known people to get you motivated, questions at the end of each chapter to contemplate and answer, as well as great stories. It’s a good read.. and Vince a true inspiration and stand up gentleman.

Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer

Have read some duds the past few weeks not worthy of posting, so needed to get back on track… picked one from my own personal library and a favorite. I only allow 6 book shelves full (usually give them away as gifts), but this one is a keeper. Just reread it for the 4th time. Jon is a writer and adventurist as well, so he speaks the language. We can all relate to the subject of this non-fiction work, Christopher McCandless. Least I did. Chris lived close to where I grew up, so of course I felt that ‘bond by distance’ thing. He lived honestly, gave away his earthly possessions, and decided to go on a vision quest, a life of adventure…and unfortunately paid for it with his life in a dilapidate

Slowhand, Philip Norman

I’m not a true devotee of Eric Clapton, though am found of some of the bands he was in: Cream and Blind Faith. Read a previous book by Philip on Paul McCartney and enjoyed it, so figured I’d like this one… and I did. Eric’s addictions, relationships, personal triumphs and setbacks are all covered. It moves at a fast pace once you get to his formative years beginning with the Yardbirds. Near the end Philip relays the story of the loss of Eric’s son Conor. Unimaginable. Heartache. The fact that Eric didn’t have a relapse shows incredible fortitude on his part. Commendable.

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